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My Crazy Fucked Up Life. ♥

  • <p> <b>You:</b> How do you think my last name sounds on you?</p>
  • <p> You: I hope it's something you could get used to...</p>
  • <p> Me: Omg... *dying*</p>
I&#8217;m totally in love with Jenna Marbles.. &lt;3
I want this..
You can&#8217;t tell me Pitbulls are dangerous.. Owners are dangerous.

Anonymous said: I still love you, and even though we'll probably never be together, I still hope...

Truth is, I probably still hope too.

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  • <p> Me: *wears baggy sweatpants and cutoff to bed* </p>
  • <p> Me: Next day- "I can't go out in public like this."</p>
  • <p> Me: *changes into baggier sweatpants and huge sweat shirt*</p>
  • <p> Me: "Much better!"</p>
  • <p> Wtf..</p>

Anonymous said: WOW, I just lost a bunch of weight using the OFFICIAL TUMBLR DIET!! Are u using it as well?

Diets never seem to work out for me.

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Anonymous said: Do you ever miss friends? Like wonder why did I let that friendship go? Has this ever happened to you?

Yes. I always miss my friends. And this has happened a few times.. I just don’t know if anything could fix the hurt we both went through.

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"The bed is warm, my lips are soft, and I could use some company…"
I miss you.